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Dejavu Models es una agencia con sede en Navarra y con sucursales en el Pais Vasco y La Rioja; especializada en el mundo de la moda y todo lo relacionado con ello, Modelos, Azafatas, Actores, Eventos de Moda, Producción Fotográfica, Marketing Promocional y Comunicación. Dejavu Models ha estado a la vanguardia en el suministro de modelos publicitarios desde hace mas de 10 años.

El equipo de Dejavu Models es jóven, dinámico, muy apasionado y dedicado a nuestros modelos y a nuestros clientes para brindarles.

El compromiso de Dejavu Models es ofrecele a nuestros clientes los servicios de la mas alta calidad , ajustado a sus necesidades y al mejor precio, por eso queremos atender las necesidades para poder elavorar proyectos mas personalizados y asegurando el éxito del mismo.

Tenemos todo tipo de perfiles comerciales para poder satisfacer todas las necesidades y adaptarnos a las posibilidades de nuestros clientes.

Navarra Fashion Week, un evento original y exclusivo de Dejavu Models
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November 1, 2013

In 2013, our agency dejavu models opens for the first time a fair dedicated exclusively to fashion, an unprecedented event in the capital of Navarra, days full of spectacles and opportunities for new talents in the world of fashion. This first year the fair was focused on young fashion designers.


October 3, 2014

For the second consecutive year, Navarra Fashion Week opens its doors to offer the public a week full of color, fashion and spectacle, in 2014 it stood out for the inclusion of Stands for young designers, an opportunity to sell their products. We have more than 25 fashion shows and presentations by great figures from the world of fashion.


October 16, 2015

One more year NFW returns but this year it returns with new events, Live Photo Sessions, Model Contests, Talks, Fashion + Gastronomy + Hairdressing (Trending Chef), Live Music and of course Many Fashion Shows! Everything under one roof, we bring together young designers, established designers and local businesses on the same catwalk.


October 5, 2017

For the fifth year NFW returns, this year with many more fashion shows, this time we focus much more on the show of the parades, with more than 12 international designers, 16 local shops and with the most important fashion designers contest in Navarra our catwalk fills with color, more than 30 models will be in charge of presenting this year's collections.


October 4, 2019

2019 was a very special year, after 6 years NFW is established as the largest fashion fair in the North of Spain, more than a thousand square meters of fair to provide our viewers with a simply spectacular experience, Brunch for Bloggers along with the most commercial catwalks becomes several of the reference events for the fashion trends of the moment,

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Phone +34 948 111 596 +34 948 111 596
Email info@dejavu-models.com
Address Calle Aoiz 18,
Pamplona, NA, 31004

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Calle Aoiz, 18

Pamplona, NA, 31004

+34 948 111 596

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